I am a mining engineer and have suffered psoriasis for over 45 years. I have visited many specialists (allopathists, homeopaths, naturists, etc.), I have tried a great number of medicines and remedies, either ointments or taken by mouth, The results were very poor and many times ocurred that after 3 months or so, I would have severe relapses, even worse than before.

For this reason, I have studied psoriasis and have followed an strict investigation on various elements, substances and chemical compounds, organic or inorganic, in order to find an alternative to heal or control it.

The result of this work and investigation was the elaboration of a soap for every day use which indeed controls psoriasis effectively. Right now, I have been using the soap for 10 years in my daily shower, and I haven´t had any relapse in my disease. My skin looks healthy. No other medicine in the market did this and with the advantage of an accesible price.

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