When I had used the soap for 4 months, the results were that my skin was healed. I placed an ad in the newspaper offering to the public.

The first one to use it was a Fruit Engineer, 43 years old who lives in Chihuahua city. He presented a thick plaque in the abdomen area and after 15 days practically disappeared.

I have continued to advertise it, people have passed the information from one to another and through internet. In this way, many persons began to use it.

In Chihuahua city there are more or less 50 persons with positive results. Also in Mexico city, Monterrey, Torreon, Gomez Palacios, Hermosillo, Guadalajara, Cd. Juarez. In other countries such as the USA, Argentina, Peru, Italy and Germany.

A question which ask me frecuently is if we are cured because there are no signs of psoriasis in the skin. My answer is to visit a Dermatologist, but probably not and we will have to use the soap during our lifetime and hope God will not allow any relapses.

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